Wind Chains

by Molly Zenobia

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    For other gears heads like myself, the album was recorded using a custom-built Neve 8078 80-channel console. I played two concert grand pianos, the Hamburg Steinway, and Imperial Bösendorfer *melts*. We used a matched pair of AKG C-12’s on the pianos. We also had the privilege of recording with the Neuman M-49 and U-47!
    John Chamberlain was my engineer and awesome accomplice in the entire album process.
    The illustrious John Philip Shenale gifted the track, Tombstone, with his amazing string arrangements. <3
    Wind Chains was mastered by Tom Baker at Precision.

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songstress-pianist Molly Zenobia's goose bump vocals and theatrical, cross-over style one critic compares to a brilliant foreign film... freaky, spooky, exquisite. Another describes her music as revolutionary.


released May 1, 2000

All music and lyrics written & arranged* by Molly Zenobia

Recorded at Mad Hatter Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Additional Tracks recorded at Sonic Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Tom Baker, Precision, Los Angeles, CA

Molly Zenobia: piano, vocals, samples, keyboards, piano innards, underwater sounds and recordings, staged noises, xylophone
Nate Wood: drums
Dante Pascuzzo: upright and electric bass
Joel Bell: acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, some back-up vocals,

Produced by John Chamberlain & Molly Zenobia
Additional Production by Joel Bell
Recorded and mixed by John Chamberlain
Executive Producer: Annette Norton Matrisciano

Porcelain (Track 5) produced by Molly Zenobia,
engineered by Chris Anderson, & recorded at Nevessa Productions, Woodstock, NY
*Strings on Tombstone arranged by John Philip Shanale
*Additional arrangement on Silent Spring & Bubblegum by Joel Bell

Art Direction & Design: Karen Walker
Photography: Karen Walker
Photography inside tray card: Matthew Matrisciano
Photography back tray card: Annette Matrisciano



all rights reserved


molly zenobia Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Frozen
Looked for you at sunrise,
but you weren't there.
Looked for you at my morning,
but you weren't there.
Thought you'd give dawn a rose,
but you weren't there.
Looked around the gun racks,
but you weren't there.

Cut up inside, I should be coming round again
Don't act so holy,
you've been slpeeing in my bed.

One moment of cannibalism and sins vanish.
How does consumption make your guilt go away? He won't become one with you
I have yet to turn to your supper.
He'll be down in less than a day.

Looked around my snow drift,
but you wouldn't fall there.
Looked for you with my sword and shield,
but they're still here.
Looked through statues to find your eyes,
but onl mine were there.
Looked for you at sunset,
but you weren't there.

Cut up inside, I should be bleeding soon.
Don't act so holy,
you're in someone else's bed.
Track Name: Hello
Hello my friends. How's your winter air?
How's your wife been hanging?
How about your dashboard icon?
Do you still sing the blues? How well do your wishes work? That bad.
Do you pray for a new life? A new life?
But we were told how the wind blows in one direction, and that's the way my dandelions blow.

How about pennies? Even then your wishes are only one-sided. Course our necks are long, but we have to awkwardly bend to drink our water. And of course we're always thirsty. No sir, we are not pulled.
I'm not home, but you could call...

Have you given up on your God?
He didn't come through for you?
Well, did you come through for yourself?
What battlefield were you at?

Through the Narrows, every witch way, I said, through the confines, Hey! Have a nice day. And say everything's going to be great.
We're going to hope
we're going to hope for the living.

I've seen you.
I've passed you by every deja vu.
You've been under that same rock, meet any new earthworms today?
And of course, we're always thirsty.
Hello my downfall, my coward.
Have you looked in the mirror today?
Whose life were you hoping for?
I say hello, hello goodbye.
So we're running, running, running, running.

Lookers have assumed smaller eyes.
It's what we think.
Someone can't have everything.

smaller eyes.

Hanger on a well, you won with tails.
Love has been lost,
and there is little hope for the living.
This sword makes my arm heavy.
My shield begins to rust.
Cause even shields weep, my ugly one,
and even my sword cries, my coward.
Cowards everywhere.
I am your coward speaking...

hello hello.

Hello my friends, how's your winter air?
How's your wife been hanging?
How about your dashboard icon?
Do you still sing the blues?
How well do your wishes work? That bad.
Do you pray for a new life? A new life
with too many words that quickly begin
to constitute nothing.
Track Name: Bubblegum
I'm swimming, the water's a little cold.
The leaves rain on my head.
I keep smiling, everything's okay.
Even the drunks in my labyrinth feel somehow together.

It's so soon- how many hours we'll waste till then.
Do you remember?
I end up hiking down the street?
a yellow line?
straight into a building.

We're going to do what they tell us to anyway-
and then you tell me it's your Saturday--
and then we say--

and then we'll do what want to do!

But you weren't dead
But you weren't even moving.
How far you could've run without chasing souls away.

I can't see you. I've tried turning around.

Everything was salty.

There were no real answers.
Track Name: Silent Spring
[Gonna be so hard edge-gonna have lies and tricks behind us-- gonna stay so hard headed-->

Going to march armed with our ignorance.]

Marching toward our silent spring.
Wasted time we're bling to see--
(I think I've given up on you and your vanities)

White roses
Blind in Light
We sit
In darkness
We blinked
We forgot to open our eyes
In slow salt water
Against our skin
Talk in silence
Awaiting our voices return.

Marching toward our silent spring.

[t-t-t-turn away, what you'll always do. What you gonna give now that you give what you loose-- now you're gonna give what you wouldn't loose, what you wouldn't give. T-t-t-turn away, t-t-turn away, turn away - you couldn't give what you could give
but you could turn,
turn away and you
couldn't give to what you're going to loose
and you couldn't give to what you're going to loose.]

and, "I know you know"
and, "I would if you would"
But I knew you never would.
Too long in the sun
Too long clothed by night.

Marching toward our silent spring.
Wasted time we're blind to see
(and I think I've given up on you and your vanities)
Marching, marching, marching toward our
Track Name: Night Light
A life
standing on
like the lights
standing all alone.
The lights flicker
for my fluorescent world,
and lemonade for the spiral girls.
like an angel falls
for styrofoam walls
and life.
Styrofoam wall for your city
Blink again your heart has bled
gone forever
sitting in black.
Stick once
like a razor.
Stick twice
like your lies.
Well I know when the river flows,
when the river knows, we'll stand up.
We'll stand up
like a river
like our pain.
It's a styrofoam world.
Come in darling
I would stand like honey
like rain for you
Let's go.
Touch my heart we'll go again.
my heart
rise up
lie down.
Once again... city lamp
and shadows pass by alone,
your shadow passes by alone
standing here.